Vernon church gives away $1200 in gas

Over $1200 dollars of gas was given away in the city of Vernon.
Over $1200 dollars of gas was given away in the city of Vernon.

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) -- Thanks to generous donations, Pastor Early Williams and New Hope Baptist Church were able to help multiple families in the city of Vernon by filling up their gas tank.

Pastor Williams said, because someone was kind to them this was their way to pay it forward.

The congregation felt strongly about giving back to the community and that's just what they did by giving away $1,200 dollars of free gas.

Drivers throughout the city of Vernon were shocked to receive such a generous gift, especially when budgets are tighter during the holiday season.

"For them to come out and give us gas, it's a blessing and God answers prayers," said Nikki Baker.

New Hope Baptist said all the praise they received from the community went to God and hopes

Pastor Williams said, "We just want to be that little light in the community that shines, to show this community that we are here, we love them and we care about them, no strings attached."

After a successful night of giving both Williams and the church hope to do this again next Christmas season.

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