Wichita Falls Chamber and Business Leaders Discuss How To Expand Using Social Media

Business Owners Share Social Media Solutions

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Tweet, Like, Share, and Instagram as much as you can. That's what Henry Florsheim President and CEO of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce & Industry is advising local businesses to do if they want to increase foot traffic and/or the number of eyes that view their brand/product.

"We want you to turn off your phone, we want you to take videos and post them while you're here," said Florsheim.

On Wednesday morning Wichita Falls Chamber and business leaders met for the cities B.O.S.S. (Business Owners Sharing Solutions) meetings to discuss how to better utilize social media to expand a company's market base.  The chamber invited Social Media Coordinator for Midwestern State University a J Lopez III, Patterson Auto Center Leadership Member Steve Garner, Wichita Falls Community Marketing Director Ann Arnold-Ogden, and Sewn Clothing Gallery Owners Sarah Swanson to all speak on how they have mastered the various digital domains.

"It's a very powerful tool but it takes a lot of going okay what content to post, who do I post it to, when do post when do I post it. I mean there is a lot that goes into it," said Swanson.

Find creative ways to get people paying attention even if it means getting inspiration from a similar product or branded company. As Ann Arnold Ogden said the platforms are ever evolving and changing and it's sometimes hard to figure out what the next step to expanding visibility will be.

"It's finding creative ways like you talked about it's finding people who are going to pay attention," said Arnold-Ogden.

When using social media Steven Garner believes it gives business owners and operators a better chance not just to sell or highlight a product but to highlight you as an individual and a person.

"It still gives me the opportunity to tell them my name where I work what I do and how they can reach me but it is in a totally different and exciting way for someone to have for me to me and I'm not trying to sell them a car I'm selling me," said Garner.

After about an hour's worth of speaking Florsheim invited members of the audience to speak and share ideas and thoughts of their own. Shelby Reese oversees marketing and admissions for the Wichita Christian School.

"I came here to the Chamber of Commerce BOSS group to see what other businesses are doing in their social media feeds and to kind of bounce back ideas. Everything you need is in the social media world, you can find out anything about a person through regeneration as well as what your demographic is and it may change," said Reese.

Florsheim said that part of the Chambers job is to connect businesses and leaders in new and developing fields.

"If we can help our businesses sell more especially sell more to an audience from out of town. That's economic development because that's bringing in money into our community creating jobs in our community that would not have been here otherwise," said Florsheim.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6
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