WFISD introduces new "Go College" program

WFISD introduces new "Go College" program

Students in the Wichita Falls School District will soon have a chance to graduate high school with an advantage. 
Students in WFISD could graduate with as much as a year and a half of college credit completed with the new "Go College" program. 
Teachers said this is an excellent chance to expose students to college.

"Giving our students an opportunity to leave high school with 42 credit hours is a huge advantage," said associate superintendent, Peter Griffiths.  
WFISD board members passed a proposal for the program at Tuesday's meeting.

The program works as a dual credit program where students can start taking college courses their junior year.

Opening up the program to students district-wide, will ensure classes aren't canceled due to low enrollment at any one particular school.

"We thought of a way to allow them to continue with that opportunity by going to Vernon college and so if there are four kids at Hirschi which wouldn't usually make a class and say there is four or five at the other two campuses now you have enough to make a class," said Griffiths.

Each course will cost $100 but before enrolling, students must pass a test to show they are ready for college.

"The duel credit is for kids that want to go to college that already have that idea and that career in mind," said Director of Innovation, Ward Roberts.  "Maybe and they know what direction to go maybe."
Griffiths said there are some things to consider like how duel credit does not offer a higher GPA like AP classes.

"You have to find out what fits you best being in the top 10% or leaving with 42 credit hours."
Roberts said this program will benefit students who have a plan.

"The students who kind of know what they want to do and they already have a plan," said Ward.  "Let them get a jump start on that so they are going to save some time and money when they get out of high school." 
Now that the board has approved the new program, they are working on the details. 
Some of those details are transportation and scheduling.

There will be a meeting January 19th at Vernon College at 6 p.m. for coordinators to answer any questions from parents about the "Go College" program. 
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