Special Olympics hosts annual bowling competition

Special Olympics hosts annual bowling competition

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Bowlers laced up a pair of shoes, grabbed a ball and hit the lanes for Sunday's Special Olympics bowling competition.

Mike Strickland has been the Wichita Falls area director for the special Olympics for 8 years.

He said Sunday was about more than getting a strike.

"Providing an atmosphere where they can basically display their talents and their abilities," said Strickland.   "Build friendships and camaraderie and be able to do things that everybody else gets to do."

Strickland said he is overwhelmed with all the support from the volunteers who came out.

"It's great just to see the excitement they have with our athletes," said Strickland.  "Getting to see them interact and the excitement they have when they do a great job giving them a high five, it's great to see."

Sean McGrath agreed.

"I'm excited to do bowling and to make new friends," said McGrath.

McGrath goes to every special Olympic event he can.

He has hopes for the future of the Special Olympics and its volunteers.

"Maybe someday they'll go to college or some of these coaches or volunteers can start a Special Olympics of their own."

Strickland said seeing the joy and excitement on the player's face is what he loves most about his job.

"You know they live for it," said Strickland.  "A lot of them showed up before I did.  They were excited to get here probably an hour before they were even supposed to.  Just to see them have a blast and have a good time it's amazing to see."

Strickland said for the future of the Special Olympics, he hopes to see it continue to grow in the community.