Small business encourage local Christmas shopping

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - If you visit Archer City on any day this holiday season you will find Christmas decorations on the square, a Christmas tree, and several mom and pop shops. 
Gregg and Judy Miller own Millwright flowers, Five Forks Tea House and several other businesses on the square.  
They sell everything from teas, to nick knacks to flowers. 
"There's all types of gifts for anybody," said Judy Miller.  "We try to keep a big variety for birthdays or any occasion."
Over the last 4 years, the Millers have expanded their shops. 
It all started with Judy selling crafts out of the back of their beauty shop. 
"We just try to offer different and unique items that you just can't get anywhere," said Judy. 
Visitors don't come just from Texas. 
"Judy keeps a guest book register and we have people sign," said Gregg Miller.  "We went back and reviewed about the last six months and we found that we have had traffic from over 25 states and 7 foreign countries in Archer City."
Gregg said he and Judy know that some things can't be bought in small businesses.

"There is no way with the retail space that we have that we can be a one source for everyone in Archer City," said Gregg.
They say when people shop small business this holiday season, they help more than just themselves.

"Every time a dollar is spent locally that dollar will turn over 7 times in the local economy before it is exhausted," said Gregg.

"We want to try and offer the best we can for our customers and anything they want to be made unique and different," said Judy.  "I strive to design especially for them." 
Gregg and Judy Miller also take pride in having one of a kind items that are special to Archer city, like coffee mugs and t-shirts. 
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