Texas Department of Transportation prepares for possible winter storm

Texas Department of Transportation prepares for possible winter storm

With the first round of winter weather expected to come Saturday night and into Sunday, the Texas Department of Transportation is working hard to make sure you stay safe on the highways.

Adele Lewis and her crew at TX Dot are ready for anything.

"TX Dot has been spending the last three days prepping our bridges and overpasses for potential storms that may come up this weekend," said Lewis.

More than 83 trucks have been across 9 counties, putting down brine water, a substance that helps melt snow and ice faster.

"We are spending our time prepping the roads and overpasses," said Lewis.  "We are also getting all of our equipment ready and all of our snow plows and spreader boxes into our dump trucks."

Lewis said past experiences have made them extra cautious.

"Do you remember the blizzard of 09," said Lewis.  "That caught us off guard and we weren't as prepared as we should have been."

Lewis said doing this ahead of time is important, but treating the snow and ice doesn't stop there.

"Once the storm has hit, we are out there with several different products," said Lewis.  "We have our de-icing stone which is a lightweight man made product that will not break your windshield and we also have rock salt.  If we put them down together we have traction plus we have the salt actually melting the snow and ice for us at the same time."

Something that is new to TX Dot is they have added new tanker trucks to their fleet.  They carry 4,500 gallons of brine.  That is 6 times more than what they are usually able to carry.

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