Texoma bouncing back from widespread burst pipes

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With the cold blast felt over the weekend, numerous families and businesses across Texoma are cleaning up a mess left behind from frozen and burst pipes.
Many have spent the day addressing this widespread problem.
Many were affected by the problem that occurred, whether it was restorations workers, business owners or just a regular family.
Chelsee Thomas and Stormi Fields work at Tadpole Children's Academy.
When they showed up to work this morning, their world was flipped upside down.
    "There was water everywhere," Thomas, the Owner of Tadpole Children's Academy said. "A line had burst in the toddler room. And it was ankle deep throughout the rooms.
Fields said she was overwhelmed. 
Thomas agreed.
    "It's not a good feeling," Thomas said. "Especially around Christmas time. There's always the stress of everything else going on. And it's definitely not what you want to come into."
They are not the only one's that faced burst pipes.
Michael Albert, Owner of ServiceMaster of Wichita Falls, said they have noticed.
    "We have seen a very large spike in business," Albert said. "Most of it yesterday (Sunday) evening as the sun started to come out and thaw pipes."
Albert said business has increased by around 300 percent.
The Wichita Falls Fire Department also saw an increase in call volume over the weekend.
Why was it such an issue?    
    "Most people don't take the necessary precautions to wrap their pipes, open cabinets, leave faucets dripping," Albert said. "It causes the pipes to swell up and burst when they thaw out."
That combined with the fluctuating temperatures made for many messes across the area.
Thomas said she is still overwhelmed.
    "It's unfortunate for us," Thomas said. "It's unfortunate for the parents. What can I say. It's upsetting."
But that did not stop them from doing what they could to clean the children's academy.
Thomas said it might be a minor setback, but want's parents to know everything will be fine and they are destined for a major comeback.
    "We will be keeping all the parents posted," Thomas said. "Hopefully we will be ready to go tomorrow. Just keep up with our Facebook page and we will keep everyone up-to-date. We are working diligently to get everything cleaned up and everyone back in quickly."
Albert said that because they knew this would be an issue ahead of time, they started preparing by getting extra trucks ready and loading them with all the equipment needed."
Albert said events like these are preventable.
For a complete list of what you can do to keep your house or business dry in the cold, click here.

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