Recent job increase brings optimism to the area

Recent job increase brings optimism to the area

WICHITA FALLS, TX - In November, the state of Texas added more than 20,000 jobs.

That information is given by the Texas Workforce Commission.

They say the unemployment rate decreased to 4.6 in November.

At Texas Workforce Solutions, Mona Statser and the rest of the staff are optimistic about the recent number of jobs added to the community.

"We went through some tough times with the oil situation last year," said Statser.  "We're still working through some of those people and jobs."

The recent opening of USA 800 and the expansion of AmFuel has the potential to be the reason for the growth.

That call center recently added 450 employees to their fleet in October.

Statser said the growth doesn't surprise her.

"The unemployment rate in Texas is good overall anyway," said Statser.  "The economy is good."

The staff at Texas Workforce Solutions works with job seekers by providing resume help, interview advice, and job searches.

Clarence Jessie has been looking for a job since August.  He has had some luck in finding a job.

"It's been kind of non-stop not like it's lagging or anything like that," said Jessie.  "There is always that potential out there that makes you feel good."

He is optimistic about the new year.

"There are jobs out there," said Jessie.

"Thank goodness the positive results show," said Statser.

Statser said that during the holiday season there is usually an increase to businesses hiring, but she hopes that jobs will continue to increase next year.

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