Tride seeing spike in riders in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - On December 1st at midnight TRIDE began offering their first rides to Wichita Falls residents.
    "The public has welcomed us quite a bit," Joseph DesRosiers, a driver with TRIDE said. "We have seen a significant increase in these first three weeks. We are going into places to do a little promotions and they have already got their app on their phone and talking about us. And they are using us. So it's really been good. We have really been welcomed."
Business was slow the first week, but now DesRosiers and driver Russell Sells are seeing a different trend.
    "It has tremendously picked up," Sells said. "We get a lot of repeat riders. And a lot of referrals where we have had original riders tell others to try it out."
    "It's almost like a virus in a sense," DesRosiers said. "It hits one person and that one person uses it and they love it. Then they tell one more and it just keeps branching out like times two, times two, times two. It just spreads."
What events attract the most rides?
    "College parties, to dances, to graduations from MSU here locally," Sells said. "And company parties. Companies are pushing their employees to use us to get home safely."
DesRosiers said TRIDE cannot give out how many drivers they have, but there will always be enough.
    "We have plenty of drivers that have been team led and on-board to be out there for the public," DesRosiers said. "We definitely have enough for the demand."
DesRosiers said that there is a bigger demand, not just for Christmas and News Years, but all the holidays.
He added that TRIDE is looking to continue to expand with Lawton as the next destination on their radar.

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