TRIDE drivers feel safe after national rideshare scares

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With Christmas and New Years at the door step, TRIDE is seeing a spike in business and wants all their drivers to be safe.
Drivers with the rideshare company said business has been increasing and they are expecting a spike.
But with some of the recent national scares other company drivers have had with passengers, there are things they are doing to keep drivers safe.
Drivers are allowed to open carry if they have their license and are encouraged to carry pepper spray.
Drivers Newschannel 6 talked to feel safe.
    "I haven't had anybody that I even thought was questionable," Russell Sells, a driver with TRIDE said.
    "First thing I do when I see my customer is roll down my window, welcome them by their first name, invite them by their first name if they like, that way they can listen to whatever kind of music they want," Joseph DesRosiers, another driver with TRIDE said. "Or we can have just good conversation and talk about the day because they are people just like we are. Not just a number and not just money."
Drivers also have a panic button on the app and dash cams to review any incidents that happen.
They also have the option to decline a ride if they are not comfortable with the area or person.

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