Mom shares picture of daughter running away from Santa

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Some kids look forward to sitting on Santa's lap every year, but for one little girl that isn't the case.

For Lindsey Blankship and her daughter Lauren, it was going to be just a picture with Santa. "This year we talked the whole way there of how she was going to sit in Santa's lap and smile real big and tell him what she wanted," said Blakenship.  "Soon as we walked into the room she turned and ran the other way."

Before she could make that run, photographers at Gordon Photography were able to snap a priceless picture of Lauren trying to make an exit from old Saint Nick.

A few weeks later, Blakenship got to see the look on her daughter's face.
"At first I was kind of mad because I wanted some good Santa pictures," said Blakenship.  "As soon as we got the proofs in the mail all I could do was laugh."

When Blakenship showed the picture to her friends, they had an idea.
"It all started with my co-workers," said Blakenship.  "They're the ones that kept telling me to post it and share it and make it go viral."

Since then, the photo has been shared more than a dozen times on social media.
"All good things," said Blakenship.  "I've had a few negative comments asking why would you put your kid in Santa's lap when they're scared but we got some good ones of her smiling too."

Blakenship said the picture fits her daughter's personality to a tee.
"Sassy, very sassy and has a mind of her own."

The experience however, has not scared Lauren from the jolly man coming to her house.
"She talks about Santa all the time," said Blakenship.  "She usually says she likes him, but she ran away again. "

As for Lauren, she will be reliving the moment every Christmas for years to come.
"Going to be frame worthy and stories to tell when she's older."

Blakenship did get a few good pictures of Lauren with Santa this year.