Faith Mission hosts Christmas dinner for public

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Steve Sparks and his staff at Faith Mission said it is in their nature to serve others.

"We are open 27/7, 365," said Sparks, CEO of Faith Mission in Wichita Falls.

Sunday, volunteers and staff will come together again, to help those have a good Christmas this year."We've got a family coming in to serve lunch and prepare all of that for us," said Sparks.  "Then another slate of volunteers coming in that Christmas evening to prepare and serve that meal."

Sparks said they do this because at Faith Mission, you are more than just a resident.
"We try and make it as special as we can," said Sparks.

"We know as some of the people who stay here this is their family and so we want to be as good as a family as we can."

The staff at Faith Mission plans to serve a crowd.
"We'll probably serve over 300 meals tomorrow."

They will keep their mission in mind.
"To be able to be someone's surrogate family so to speak. and to be there for moms of children who maybe wouldn't have had a Christmas otherwise or families who are staying here at faith mission that children may not have had any presents under the tree otherwise it's a privilege to be able to do that."
Along with the Christmas dinner will also be a Christmas Chapel Service. All events are open to the public.