Family spends Christmas serving others

Hundreds of people in Wichita Falls got to spend Christmas together Sunday, but not without the help from others.

The Dickerson family had plans to do Christmas as a family, but not before serving others.

"We're here to serve and be a blessing to others," said Dwain Dickerson.

This morning, they piled into cars and went to spread Christmas cheer to others by serving Christmas dinner at Faith Mission.
"This was kind of laid on our heart this is what we wanted to do," said Dickerson.  "We saw an opportunity and we've never got to do this and it was a good chance to volunteer and help others."
This is the first year for the Dickersons to serve dinner.

They made the decision after losing a family member last Christmas Eve.
"We wanted to do something to give back," said Dickerson.  "Christmas was a little different last year and we thought we kind of lost the meaning of Christmas.  We were looking for something to give back."

The family contributed to serving more than 300 Christmas dinners.

They say they do it to show the true meaning of Christmas.

"That maybe they will see Christ through us," said Dickerson.  "They'll see that there is always hope. if they get into a better place than they can give back."

The family says they will be back again to serve.

"It will definitely be something we do again as a family," said Dickerson.  "Everybody is on board and just  happy to be here and we're looking forward to it."

There was also 2 chapel services at Faith Mission Sunday.

Another family of volunteers came in to serve another dinner for the residents at faith mission.