Wichita Falls sanitation workers face their busiest day

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - For Wichita Falls Sanitation workers, Tuesday was a busy day.
It is actually their busiest day of the year.
Workers are ready.
    "I'm hyped up and ready to go," Mark Snyder, a worker at the Transfer Station said. This is our Superbowl. This is the biggest trash day of the year. We just get it going and nobody stops until it's over with."
Snyder said with so much going on, safety is the top priority.
    "Everybody on the floor, from the guys at the door to the guys on the loader, has to be safety conscious and look," Snyder said. "Just keep looking and looking and see if something is about to happen."
Just how much more work are they doing today?
    "It's going to be very busy Tuesday," Ron Smith, the Wichita Falls Sanitation Superintendent said. "It will be busier on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but a little more sane. Today is going to be very hectic. It will probably be 15 or 25 percent increase in our tonnages."
Smith said there are things you can do to help.
    "Make sure everything is in the containers," Smith said. "Make sure you break down the boxes so we don't spill anything as we are dumping the containers. Help your drivers out."
He said it will be nice to have things get back to normal.
But in the meantime, Snyder has a piece of advice.
    "Be patient," Snyder said. "That's all I can say because we are getting slammed pretty good."
Smith said they have no spare trucks today and that a large portion of the trash comes from commercial businesses.
A couple workers are off on vacation, but it's pretty much all hands on deck the rest of the week.
He added that because of his great staff, everyone knows what needs to be done.
No one has to be trained.
It is just a matter of working those long hours to get the job done.
Next Monday is also a holiday.
Wichita Falls trash trucks will not be picking up any trash that day.
Monday's trash will be picked up Tuesday, Tuesday's on Wednesday and everything is back to normal on Thursday and Friday.

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