Experience has helped Rep. James Frank in legislation session

Experience has helped Rep. James Frank legislation session

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - January 10th the Texas state legislature will begin it's open session, something State Representative James Frank is eager for.
This will be his third session and he believes the experience he's gotten has helped him along the way.
Representative Frank said he has learned a lot since he was elected to his position in 2013, like the importance of working with the House, Senate and Governor to get things done.
He said the biggest thing he knows now that he may not have four years ago is who he needs to talk to and communicate with on each issue.
Representative Frank said they are constantly working with people that have different ideas or come from a different area, so compromise is key.
    "Some people think if you compromise, that means you compromise on principal," Representative Frank said. "Sometimes it means you actually compromise to get something better done, or at least something you think is perfect this way. Somebody thinks it's better that way. And maybe the better answer is in the middle."
Representative Frank said you may be working with someone one moment and against them 30 minutes later.
So it is important to focus on the issues that you are trying to push through and represent your district the best you can.
He adds there are so many bills the legislature acts on.
Because of that, you can study them more than he and his staff.
If there is a bill you are interested in, call and give your input.
Representative Frank said the state needs more of that because it is how a representative democracy works.

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