Wichita County gun range update

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Construction is underway on the new gun range for the Wichita County Sheriff's Department.
    "We had hoped the project was $300,000 to $500,000 dollars," Woody Gossom, the Wichita County Judge said. "Bids came in at $900,000 dollars. Court did a great job with the contractor, the contractor with us and the architects. It's going to still be a little over $500,000 dollars.
The gun range is expected to open in April and on time.
The total cost is higher than expected, but Gossom said it will not affect the county budget because other projects they are working on may come in lower than expected.
There are concerns from Commissioner Lee Harvey, one being the slope at the the range.
    "He will get the answer back on the question he asked the architects to look into," Judge Gossom said. "See if the slope was the correct ratio it was supposed to be."
The other concern is size.
The facility was expected to be 2,500 square feet.
Now that it is 2,600 square feet, that requires the county to install a second bathroom.
But county officials are encouraged after approving an amendment Tuesday to add a control panel that will be half the price commissioners expected.
Gossom said it is vital to training.
    "The lighting control is important to the training," Judge Gossom said. "The Sheriff's Department operates 24/7. So they have to learn how to shoot under different light conditions. This control panel will allow them to raise and lower the light levels."
The county approached the Wichita Falls Police Department about sharing a range with them at first, but the schematics did not work and this is a better option for the Sheriff's Department.
Gossom said despite the project being on time, if the weather gets bad it could delay the process.
He said they are happy and optimistic with where the project stands.

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