Electra man arrested on several stalking charges

Electra man arrested on several stalking charges

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - A man is behind bars with a bond of $100,000 after a hostage situation in Electra.

Friday, the Electra Police Department started receiving harassment phone calls from Charles David Williams of Electra.

Police said Williams continued to stalk and harass a woman after being served with several harassment charges and was told by the authorities not to have any contact with her.

Police also said Williams made several threatening calls to the justice of the peace.

Late Friday evening, police showed up to Williams' residence at the 600 block of West Garrison in Electra after a new stalking warrant was issued.

Police learned that Williams was holding a woman inside at her will.

When police arrived, Williams refused to come to the door.

Electra Police requested assistance from the Wichita County Police and their response team to assist in the arrest.

The woman ran out of the house when Williams went to the bathroom.

After the woman was out of the house, crews released a gas into the house and Williams came out of the house shortly after that.

Williams is being held at the Wichita County Sheriff's office on several charges of stalking and violation of bond.