Tips on how to get lean in 2017

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Millions of Americans are starting off 2017 with New Year resolutions, and losing weight and overall health are some of the top goals.

Eddie Naidicz, with the YMCA located in downtown Wichita Falls, said both YMCA locations signed up about 40 people on Monday alone and adds that number is expected to grow.

However sticking to your game plan can be tough, so those who were hitting the gym offered some advice on how to get lean in 2017.

Naidicz said finding a workout partner that can motivate you can help.

That is exactly what Vernon Brown and his friend Connie are doing.

"We go to the same church, but we also come to the Y at the same time, and she is very positive, very encouraging. So we always come together to motivate each other," said Brown, who is a rehab therapist tech.

Brown said, they pray together before they encourage each other to work out.

"We also just keep each other laughing and smiling," said Brown.

The Benda brothers use the same method and even got their little brother, Aaron White, on board for the New Year.

"My brother bought me protein for my Christmas present," said Aaron.

Aaron said they are teaching him new stuff and helping him get through his workouts.

Nick and Christian Benda offered this advice for those who are just starting out like their brother.

"Don't stop, and remember why you started just keep going," said Nick.

"Don't go crazy 'cause your body is not used to it so just do something small to get back into the routine," said Christian.

For some people, getting into the gym can be the hardest part. Brown said even if you are tired or sore, get in the gym.

"Getting in is the motivation you need. Get here and get going," said Brown.

Naidicz offers another tip. He said when the same old routine gets boring, switch it up.

"For someone setting goals, they can come to the YMCA and do something different every single day. That is also another motivating factor right there," said Naidicz.

From swimming and water aerobics classes to playing basketball and racquetball and even taking classes, Naidicz said there are plenty of ways to get the exercise you are looking for.

"We have numerous classes that people can enroll in, and we have a lot of instructors that keep them motivated," said Naidicz.

At the downtown YMCA there's also a Silver Sneakers Program for older adults who want to work out as a group.

There's even goal sheets you can hang on the wall to help you stay on track and challenge yourself.

Vernon brown said for those who want to lose weight must remember that hitting the gym is not all you need to do.

He said watch what, how much and when you eat. He adds cutting back on foods with a lot of sugar like soda and candy will also help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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