Y-Minute: Fitness Showcase

Y-Minute: Fitness Showcase

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - 2017 is here and you know what that means, gyms all across Texoma are filling up.

But what if you're looking for a little bit more in a workout?

The YMCA in Wichita Falls is hosting a Fitness Showcase this Saturday giving you a chance to see and try different fitness classes.

Six different fitness classes will be available to try on Saturday, January 7th including spin class, Pilates, Body Pump, Zumba, and Full Body Workouts.

Fitness and Wellness Director Megan Gibson says it gives an opportunity for those in the community to come spend a few hours at the YMCA figuring out what they have to offer and to find the right fitness class.

"I picked the structure and lineup just for people who need a progression into classes. To let people feel that they have a baseline to start and progress to something more intense and then follow it with a stretch or Pilates class to rejuvenate," Gibson said.

The Fitness Showcase is free for members and holiday trimming participants.

Non-members will have to pay for a day guest pass but also have the chance to win a free guest pass at the event.

"One of the advantages to our gym that sets us apart from a lot of other places in town are everything is included in our membership. All our fitness classes are free, there's no added cost for amenities such as the racquetball courts, basketball gym, weight room, and fitness classes," Gibson said.

The class kicks off around 8:30 AM and lasts to around 12:30 PM but if Saturday is too far away and you're ready to get started now, the Y offers other ways you can get fit and healthy here at the start of 2017.

For other information about the YMCA, you can check out other Y Minute stories here on newschannelsixnow.com, www.ymcawf.org, or call them at (940) 761-1000.

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