Better Business Bureau warns consumers of door to door nonprofits

Better Business Bureau warns consumers of door to door nonprofits

The Better Business Bureau wants you to keep an eye out following an increase of people going door to door asking for donations to their charities.

Sofia Ngirutang was at home Tuesday when she heard a knock at her door.

"There were 2 young gentlemen they told me they were with the professional fund raising association," said Ngirutang.  "The donations they were asking for yesterday was to help active military members who are serving oversees."

She made a decision.
"I have to do my research on my part to make sure that I am donating money to an organization that is going toward the cause that is going to be represented."

Monica Horton with the BBB said her reaction was ideal.
"Sofia did exactly the right thing," said Horton.  "She asked them for more information and she did not make that decision when they are standing there right there on her doorstep."

This charity makes Horton suspicious about their motive.
"There is not a way to contact them other than the phone or online they do not provide their address," said Horton.  "We would really like to see their physical location when looking online at a website."

The BBB has tips to make sure you and your money stays protected.
"We would like to see that charitable organization to actually leave you with some information so you can be able to read at your leisure and prompting you to do that with them standing on your doorstep," said Horton.

"I would think first before giving monetary donations to someone coming to your door," said Ngirutang.

Monica Horton said if someone does come to your door asking for a donation to a charity, you need to ask how much money is going to that nonprofit.