Bowie hospital one step closer to reopening after board members resign

The hospital is one step closer to reopening
The hospital is one step closer to reopening

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) -- The Bowie Hospital Authorities made a unanimous decision to sign a letter of resignation Wednesday evening.

This brings Bowie Memorial Hospital, one step closer to reopening their doors to employees and patients.

You could tell it was an emotional moment as each member signed that letter of resignation.

This has been a long process for everyone.

Now that the debt has been settled and the board is one step closer to being dissolved, this hospitals' doors are one step closer to being reopened.

Former Interim Hospital CEO Lynn Heller said, he is excited for the future of this facility and that when it closed one of the biggest things this community lost was great health care workers.

"You don't build up that kind of staff overnight, especially the emergency room and the rehab and all the different things. Hopefully they'll have the resources and be able to rebuild it back over time," said Heller.

Next on the checklist, the Bowie City Attorney will have to draft an ordinance to officially dissolve the Hospital Authority Board.

There are no details as to when that could be completed.

The Hoshmi Group, who purchased the hospital back in May, has also not set a timetable as to when the hospital will officially reopen.

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