WFISD sets goals for next school year

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Hope is alive and well in the Wichita Falls Independent School District.

"We are still currently under a met standard and we will continue to be under a met standard," said Associate Superintendent, Peter Griffiths.

Starting next year Texas schools will be under a new grading scale.

Each school district will receive an overall grade ranging from "A" to "F".

WFISD went proactive with the new accountability system.
"What they've done is let us take a look at what it might be with your current scores so basically it is just a glimpse of what a 2018 rating would be with using last year's data," said Griffiths.

While the district did meet standard, Griffiths stresses that there needs to be improvement.
"I don't think we expect to have a culture of average," said Griffiths.  "We want to be better than that.  now that we have a system to look into we'll work towards that.  Trying to up our elementary reading levels focusing a lot on our economic disadvantage students and improving our core instructions."

The new program is expected to strengthen the district.
"It helps us know what we need to work on," said Griffiths.  "It also is accountability and we're used to accountability.  The way they are breaking it down into the different domains and you get one overall rating we think that is going to be a good thing for us in the long run."