Many Texoma workers braving the cold

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - It's cold outside! 
Most people have the luxury of being able to be in a warm home or office, but some are out braving the cold to get their jobs done.
When it gets colder, it leads to more fire and medical calls for the fire department, as well as burst pipes and gas leaks for plumbers.
Workers said they try to just treat it like any other day.
    "We work through rain, sleet, snow and showers," Brandon Miser, a Plumbers Apprentice of Brian's Plumbing said.
To Miser it is just another day.
Work has to be done despite the cold weather.
But Brian Walser, the owner of Brian's Plumbing, said it makes the job harder.
    "When it's this cold our productivity goes down because we are moving around a little slower," Walser said. "Your in your clothes. Your getting your hands wet, your body wet, and it's just a tough job."
Walser said they see more gas leaks and burst pipes in the cold.
But it's not just the plumbers hard at work.
The Wichita Falls Fire Department has many obstacles to face in the winter weather, including slick roads that can affect how fast they get to a call.
Firefighter John Carroll said another concern is water in the trucks freezing during a structure fire.
    "Every unit has a tank of water in it," Carroll said. "And we have to be careful not to let it sit too long. The water will freeze inside the tank."
But at the end of the day, Carroll said they treat everyday the same.
    "We have to be ready for anything and everything at all times," Carroll said. "It's kind of a normal day for us, for the most part. But you are watching the weather to see what's coming so you can have a heads up for whenever we have to make a call so we know what's out there."
Walser said that it is important for them to get water and gas back on for the satisfaction of the customer.
He said it is also important for them to get jobs done as quick as possible because they are losing some time because of more breaks to warm up.
Walser adds that even though they are trying to get jobs done as quick as possible, he wants his workers to be smart and not get hurt.

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