Cold temps could freeze the liquids under the hood

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - These cold winter temperatures can take a toll on a lot of things including your vehicle.

Many cars were out on the roadways Saturday afternoon with little to no remnants of snow in their path.

But, that does not mean some drivers have not experienced some car trouble these last few days.

Car mechanics experts at JC Mobile Mechanics said there are signs freezing temperatures may have affected your vehicle.

"If it's having a problem starting that means that the motor oil is thickened and probably frozen. (When it comes to) the coolant, you've really got to watch the temperature gauge," Joshua Chennault, General Manager of JC Mobile Mechanics said.

Chennault said the cost to repair problems like these can reach up to $1,500.

But there are ways to avoid these issues.

Chennault said if you have a garage, use it. Keeping your car out of the elements is key to keeping those liquids under the hood from freezing.

If you drive a diesel, Chennault said to plug in the engine warmer.

For those of you without a garage, Chennault said to give your car time to warm up before you hit the road.

If you do not take these steps it could cost you.

Melton's Towing and Wrecker Service said over the cold weather they have seen calls of dead batteries and a few minor accidents.

Reps said thanks to the lack of snow and ice there has not been a huge influx of calls.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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