Educator takes new approach to motivating students

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Students at WFISD are getting back into the swing of things following their Christmas break.

Kids at Booker T Washington Elementary are getting ready to prepare for the STAAR test and they are receiving some motivation from music.

The Student Success Coordinator, Chris Evans, took his talent of rapping and love for helping children to a whole new level.

"I used it as an incentive to motivate my kids to do their work in the classroom," Evans said.

That motivation inspired Evans to write a wrap encouraging students to prepare for the STAAR test. A link to that video can be found here.

"I started writing the song last February and then from there I finished it off in October and recorded it here we have it," Evans said.

Evans took the track to the principal and longtime friend, Mark Davis.

"I knew that it would be hot. It's something that would motivate the children, something that the kids could really latch onto," Davis said.

The video was posted to YouTube on Friday and have been seen on that page more than a thousand times. On social media, it's been seen even more.

"It's been incredible to see the response from the community. I mean over the first 24 hours or so we had 5,000 views, 300 shares. I mean I've done music for the better part of my life but I've never received a response like this. It's incredible," Evans said.

Along with encouraging the students to study, Davis also put in a plea at the end of the video, asking for donations for a new playground.

The current playground is not made for children above first grade Davis said.

That is something he would like to see changed in the future.

For more information on how you can donate, click here.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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