Y Minute: Body Pump Series 100

There are many ways to get fit in the New Year and the YMCA in Wichita Falls is looking to add another one to the list.

This Saturday at the Bill Bartley Branch of the YMCA, they will be launching the new Body Pump Series 100 and are inviting you to come join in.

"Every so often they release a new workout format for their instructors to teach for our members and this is a world wide event. We're going to be partnering up with numerous other gyms around the world to release the new Body Pump series," said Megan Gibson, Fitness and Wellness Director at the YMCA.

Saturday January 14, from 9 to 10 am, you can join YMCA instructors and other participants around the world as the newest body pump series is released. Gibson says it's a new way to start off the New Year healthy.

"This release is coming at the perfect time, first of the year. Everybody is wanting something new, everybody is wanting to feel something different and get that motivation back of why they came to the gym and why they love doing Body Pump on a regular basis," said Gibson.

The class will last 50 to 60 minutes and Gibson says it's a structured full body workout that can also lead to meeting new people.

"The wonderful thing is that there's a great group of comradery within the people who participate in this. Once you've made one friend that loves Body Pump you'll find somebody else and every time you come you're going to want to come to just meet your friends," said Gibson.

The workout session is free for members; nonmembers will have to pay for a day guest pass but will also have the chance to win a free guest pass at the event.

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