WFISD approves draft for next year's academic calendar

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls ISD is moving forward with plans for next year's academic calendar.

A calendar draft was drawn up by the District of Innovation Committee.

In November, Newschannel 6 reported about the district's plans to move forward with the idea of becoming a District of Innovation which would give the district some flexibility according to officials.

Some of those changes could include the school start date, attendance rules, and class size ratio.

Since the DOI has approved those plans the start date of the 2017-2018 school year could change from the 4th Monday in August.

"If we passed this Innovation plan we will then have the flexibility to start earlier in the month of August," Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said.

The calendar draft for the 2017-2018 academic year is based on the DOI Committee's decision to be exempt from some state requirements.

One of the changes would have the academic year beginning on Thursday, August 17th.

Superintendent Kuhrt said starting school on a Thursday will give students time to get back in the groove and allow schedule changes to be made before starting a full week of class. 
Some parents we spoke to are on board. 
"Any day of the week is fine if that's what the school needs to make scheduling better or something it doesn't really affect us too much," Cindy Erickson said.

"After trying to get these kids bedtime schedules right and making sure they're going to get fed the next day definitely helps out you know giving them a good day or two just to get back in the groove of things," Giovanni Corona said.

"I would rather (they do that) than continue with the way that it's been. I think it's easier it's more convenient for us," Crystal Hernandez said.

The DOI calendar is based on minutes of instruction. Not days.

Superintendent Kuhrt said this will give extra time built-in the calendar for staff development and bad weather days.

"I think it's family-friendly and I think it's flexible," Superintendent Kuhrt said.

This calendar will be voted on next Tuesday. If it is voted down another calendar draft will be drawn up.

As for moving forward as a DOI, the committee wrapped up their work last night and improved their plan.

That plan will now go to the District Advisory Committee for consideration.

If approved, it will be posted on the district's website for 30 days. Then it will be voted on by the WFISD School Board.

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