WFISD Career and Education Center Update

CEC Update

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - WFISD gave an update on the Career and Education Center at Tuesday's board meeting.

The facility will offer about 25 different programs to prepare high school students for college or their future career.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said the construction is moving along but weather has caused some delays.

"That's just part of it, but everything seems to be going well. There's lots of dried in areas so they're able to do more stuff once they have parts of it dry in," said Superintendent Kuhrt.

He said for the most part everything is moving forward.

A furniture broker has been selected to pick out tables, chairs and other furnishings for the CEC that will be approved by the board.

A showcase will be set up at the Education Center.

Superintendent Kurht said we can expect a full report on the CEC's progress at next Tuesday's board meeting.

The building is still expected to be open August of 2017.

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