Bowie Knife Drawing Interest

The Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife
BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) -- The Bowie Knife may be added to the official state symbol list. A roadside attraction off Highway 81 is continuing to gain attention.
Texas House Member Drew Springer filed the resolution in November to designate the Bowie Knife as the official State Knife of Texas.
“We are very excited. It was kind of a surprise to us. He talked to some of the city officials and said I think this will be a really good idea,” Diane Thomlinson, Executive Director of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce, said.
The resolution goes into detail about the knife’s history as Jim Bowie took it with him to Texas.
“It just so happens that we are Bowie and we do have what we believe is the largest Bowie Knife in the world,” Thomlinson said, “and so it's really going to come together and it makes it kind of special for us.”
After several private donation’s the city built the Bowie Knife right off Highway 81. People are starting to stop in Bowie just to see the knife.
“We had a couple of people that visited just the other day that originated from Brazil,” Thomlinson said.
Jeremy and Vicky Skinner, a couple from Garland is traveling across the state to find roadside treasures. The Bowie Knife was on their list.
“It's a lot bigger than I imagined,” Vicky said.
“I grew up hearing the story of Jim Bowie,” Jeremy said. “Everyone who had a Bowie knife when I was a kid bragged about having a Bowie Knife.”
Thomlinson said they are about 2-4 weeks away from being officially in the Guinness World Record book for the World’s Largest Bowie Knife.
“The traffic has picked up. There not too many times you go down there and don't see somebody stopped there,” Thomlinson said.

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