US Air Force announces new tattoo policy

US Air Force announces new tattoo policy

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- The United States Air Force is relaxing its' tattoo policy for incoming airmen.

Starting next month authorized tattoos on the chest, back, arms and legs will no longer be restricted by the "25 percent" rule. Which prohibited tattoos that cover more than a quarter of an exposed body part.

Air Force field recruiters revealed almost half of their applicants and recruits had tattoos and because of that rule many recruits were disqualified.

Air Force Secretary, Deborah Lee James said, these changes are part of an effort to attract and retain as many qualified airmen possible.

One tattoo shop across from Sheppard Air Force Base also sees this change as an opportunity to expand his business.

Rusty Biscamp, owner of Rusty's Needles tattoo shop, said the old rule restricted many Air Force clients.

He hopes business will now start to pick up with more relax policies.

There will still be restrictions on tattoos in regards to the head, neck, and hands.

The new tattoo policy will officially go into effective February 1st if you have any questions as to what can or can't be tattooed. (Click Here)

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