Eager students move back into the dorms for spring semester

WICHITA FALLS, TX - While rain did slow some people down Sunday morning, the residence halls at Midwestern State University expect to see most of the students make their way back to campus Sunday night and Monday.

Some students like Marcus Greetis, a Residence Adviser at Legacy hall have been back for over a week.

"I for one was glad to come back and get to see all my friends again and to just get back into the grind," said Greetis.
"Some people came last Tuesday and then overtime it's just been like little by little people have been filing in."

With a new semester, that means there are some new students to campus.

Greetis has 3 new students on his hall, 2 of them transfers.

"I've just been focused on trying to get them adjusted to life in the new hall and just life on campus in general," said Greetis.

One student that moved in earlier in the week is sophomore Tanner Conley.

He said he didn't run into any problems with move in.

"It's been way easier than the fall semester obviously because people already have stuff moved in," said Conley.

He thinks the rain is holding people off from moving in.

"It will come in waves," said Conley.  "They will come in tomorrow."

Both Conley and Greetis live in Legacy, the new dorm on campus.

It is something they appreciate and want to make better with people living there.

"It's just that community," said Conley.  "We also have the new building and the new resources we can use."

"I want for the students to just really try to make legacy hall their own and try to build this community that we've been working on since last semester," said Greetis.

Classes are set to begin on Tuesday.