More money needed for additional WF wayfinding signs

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - More wayfinding signs could be showing up around Wichita Falls in the foreseeable future.
Council members got an update on the signage project Tuesday.
221 signs were installed during phase one for just over one million dollars.
The second phase includes more directional signs along with pedestrian and trail signage.
$418,000 dollars were allocated for phase two.
However, bids came back around $558,000 dollars.
The city will likely go to the 4B board for the additional money.
City leaders believe it is important to get this phase done.
    "I think it's important for the growth of the community, as well as branding the community and creating that image of what we want this community to be," John Burrus, Director of Wichita Falls Transportation said. "I think the signage does a good job of representing that."
    "We've gotten a lot of positive comments about phase one," Darron Leiker, City Manager of Wichita Falls said. "The secondary question we get is will this facility be marked? Or when are we going to get wayfinding to the Memorial Stadium?"
The cost amount went up on signs because the city did not have as many bidders for the second phase.
Burrus said if they do not have any funding after phase two, they would at least be at a good stopping point.

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