New gasoline program gives back to the community

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A new fuel program in Wichita Falls now lets you give back to mother earth when you're at the pump.

The way you pump gas is the same way.  The difference now is some of the money you spend will go to help the environment.

Maryann Garrett with GreenPrint said the STRIVE program is the first step to making sure our air gets cleaner.

"Each time a customer comes and pumps their gas at Alon 7/11 stores, we will offset their emissions and reduce their carbon footprint," said Garrett.

"When people come here and pump gas at one of their facilities, we're going to maybe can possibly plant more trees in the future," said Mayor Stephen Santellana.

The program comes to Wichita Falls after seeing success in other parts of Texas and New Mexico.

"Wichita Falls is already so environmentally aware," said Garrett.  "We figured it made a lot of sense to bring it here."

Strive by Alon and GreenPrint using some of the money they make when you buy gas to create environmental alternatives like planting trees.

The goal is to cut down on the carbon that is released into the air when we drive.

It doesn't cost you anymore and you don't have to do anything different.

"It's the same gas that you would normally pump," said Garrett.  "Alon is just taking this initiative and putting some of their sales into giving back to Wichita Falls and other communities to improve the environment and help reduce people's footprint."

"It would be my hopes that you would see this program grow throughout the town and through the state," said Santellana.  "Probably nationwide."

Alon and GreenPrint presented a check to the Arbor Day Foundation.

That money will help them plant trees in our area to start making a difference in the amount of carbon in our air.