Rep. Thornberry shares thoughts on Affordable Care Act

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- President Obama gave his final address to the media today before President-Elect Donald Trump is sworn in as President this Friday.

Trump, who has been very vocal about repealing the Affordable Care Act, has many Americas worried about their health care future.

Many Republicans such as Congressman Mac Thornberry believes that the Affordable Care Act does need to be replaced sooner rather than later, with a plan that works for all Americans.

Just last year nearly 11.3 million people signed up for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.

As Washington D.C. and rest the country prepare for Donald Trump to take office.

Congressman Thornberry said this healthcare system is falling apart.
"It's collapsing of its own weight," said Thornberry.
This year, premiums increased an average of 25%.

But Americans continue to sign up, at least 22-million formerly uninsured are now covered.

Up nearly 300,000 for 2017 compared to last year.

But despite the rise of people enrolled Thornberry believes something needs to change.

Multiple rallies have been held across the country and leaders such as senator Bernie sanders have been vocal in regards to a healthcare repeal.

"There's going to be more options for people. So that we're not all forced into the Obama care insurance, that the federal government says you have to buy at a very high price and they'll be more options for people," said Thornberry.

Congressman Thornberry hopes to keep some things the same, such as allowing parents to keep their children on their insurance plans till the age of 26.

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