Y Minute: LIVESTRONG Program

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - According to livestrong.org, one of the top concerns among cancer survivors was the difficulty of returning to physical activity after treatment.

So in 2007, LIVESTRONG partnered with the YMCA all across the nation to help cancer survivors.

"We started our first class last year and completed it, it was a huge success. So we're just trying to continue the program to keep going here in Wichita Falls," said LIVESTRONG Program Director Sarah Fidlar.

On February 21st, the LIVESTRONG program at the YMCA will enter its second year.

The LIVESTRONG Program is a 12 week program for cancer survivors in any stage of cancer survivorship meaning if you were just diagnosed with cancer or have been cancer free for 30 years you're able to participate.

"We want them to start a program that's proactive for their recovery, proactive for building cardiovascular strength, and hopefully they'll be able to take the information they learn while they are here and continue to improve and continue to go forward in their program," Fidlar said.

The program meets twice a week for 75 to 90 minutes and is taught by different instructors from the YMCA who will bring in anything from cardio, to strength training, yoga, or any other physical activity that meets the need of the participant.

"They do their workout and it's tailored to each individuals program so you're going to have people in all different stages of their fitness come into the program. That's why we like to keep it small so that we can really build on where they are at that moment," Fidlar said.

The LIVESTRONG Program is completely free to participants and is funded by donations from the local community.

"The program is funded through community support. We receive no funds from LIVESTRONG and no funds we receive from the community leave this community. It all stays in this community," said Fidlar.

To sign up for the LIVESTRONG Program or to support the program financially, contact the downtown YMCA at (940) 322-7816.

The deadline to sign up for the first class of the year, is February 1.

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