Coyote sighting increase

Coyote sighting increase

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- The City of Wichita Falls Animal Services is alerting the public concerning coyote sightings throughout the city limits of Wichita Falls specifically in the Lake Wichita Park area.

According to the Wichita Falls Animal Services, coyotes are true scavengers and will eat just about anything.

Coyotes are active mostly during the night but can be seen roaming during the day time as well.

December thru February is prime mating season for the coyote which may explain the more frequent sightings recently.

If you do see coyotes in your area, discourage them from frequenting your yard or neighborhood by making loud noises and making the area unwelcoming.

Coyotes are very routine creatures so interrupting that routine will help deter them from your area.

Animal Services suggests the following tips on keeping coyotes away:

1) Don't feed them.  They need to remain wild and not dependent on people for food.

2) Eliminate any food or water sources from your yard or property.

3) Bird feeders should be placed up high. Coyotes may be attracted by bread, table scraps or even seeds.  Birds and rodents may also attract them.

4) Place all trash and garbage into secure containers.

5) Feed your pets inside. Do not leave any food sources outside. Pick up any leftover food.  Store pet and livestock feed in inaccessible containers.

6) Trim any shrubbery which may provide cover or a hiding spot. This is especially important at ground level.

7) Maintain secure fencing around your yard.  A tall fence along with a barrier at the bottom to keep coyotes from jumping over or digging in is ideal.

8) Supervise all children and pets when they are outside.

9) If you're walking your dog out on the trail and spot a coyote, change your course of direction and move away.

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