Annual MLK breakfast focuses on uniting our country

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A day after President Donald Trump's inauguration, community members came together in Wichita Falls Saturday morning to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 28th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. scholarship and prayer breakfast celebrates his legacy of education and worship.

Dominique Calhoun, the keynote speaker, said now more than ever, our nation needs to lean on Dr. King's teaching as our country enters a new chapter.

"Dr. Martin Luther King really talked about every man, every woman having a fair chance," Calhoun said.

Calhoun is not a native Wichitan but lived in the city for nine years.

"I had more opportunity being here in Wichita Falls then I have anywhere else," Calhoun said.

Those opportunities are something Calhoun and high school speaker Dallas Torres hope to see across the country as it moves forward.

"We can be one. Everybody should respect each other and that's something that everybody should realize. The sooner that we realize that, the sooner we'll be better as a nation," Torres said.

Both Calhoun and Torres spoke about Dr. King's teaching and how our country needs to look back on them as it enters a new chapter with a new president.

"You have to respect the office of the President. With that being said, I go back to the same message that I tried to convey today. We have, to be honest with ourselves and just look at our history and look at where we come from. If we do that, then we can understand someone else's pain," Calhoun said.

The message of the annual breakfast was to be more understanding and unite as one. With prayer, song, and worship that is exactly what took place.

21 scholarships were awarded to 20 students. Those recipients are listed below.

Jazmin Barron
Alyssa Matthews    
Uri Easter
Keishun Hickerson
Cory Robinson, Jr.
Aurion Jordan
Leah Gilliland
Shayla Spearman
Mary Castle
Marquise Blue
Dejane Jones
Destini Lewis
June Penn
Alexus Wade
Marquise Bell
Nathan Acuna
Karla Gonzales
JaDara Scott
Jarrod Polk
Renee Williams

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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