200 people march in Wichita Falls Women's March

WICHITA FALLS, TX - End poverty, girl power, peace, and love were written on signs as more than 200 people from our area showed up Saturday morning to take part in a two mile walk for women.

The march however, was not just about women and their rights.

"I want people to be treated fairly, all people," said Marilyn Waite, an activist.

"You know those people are people.  They are our brothers and our sisters."

The walk was about equality.

"This is about LGBT rights, this is about people of color, this is about people being Muslim and all different faiths," said Waite.  "This is about so many other things than pro choice."

"It's not one race," said Josie Rose a walker.  "It's not by color it's all of us.  Really we should have had 100 thousand people out here today is what we should have had, but I'm pleased with what we had."

Zoeanne Sparks and her sister Hunter were marching for equal pay.

"We all should get the right amount of money," they said.  "I think that everything should be equal."

Waite knew that there would be people against what they were doing.

"It's their right to say whatever they want to say as long as it doesn't effect me physically," said Waite.  "We're here and we're not going anywhere.  There is more to us than what people think."

Women's marches happened all day Saturday across the country.

The march in Wichita Falls remained peaceful.

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