Tax season scams could target your household

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Before you open your W2's police and consumer protection officials are warning of tax scams that could target you.

Filing your tax returns early leaves thieves less time to try and take your money.

But that is not the only way scammers can get you.

The list of scams targeting taxpayers is a long one, but there are ways to spot the scam before falling for it.

"It is fairly common at this point in the tax (season) to have problems come up. We will receive reports (from) people that have received phone calls or unsolicited emails," Officer Timothy Johnson said.

Monica Horton, President of the BBB said the leading scams in 2016 were tax related.

"We are all aware of the the tax collection scam where the IRS imposters were calling consumers trying to scare them and trick them into giving money," Horton said.

The IRS will not call or email you if there is an issue. They will reach out to you by certified mail.

Officer Johnson said another way to keep yourself from becoming a victim is getting rid of your personal information properly.

"I always encourage people if you have that information destroy it responsibly. Shred it," Johnson said.

Johnson also said to not throw your trash away in a dumpster. Thieves can get your information from the garbage and use it for a number of crimes.

"The less sensitive information you have laying around the better," Horton said.

When it comes to getting your taxes completed, in person or online, officials said to do your homework before giving out your information.

These scammers are aggressive and can be convincing.

If you fall victim to a tax season scam contact the IRS immediately.

You can also report the crime to the police.

If you want to look at scams in your area or want to report a scam you can look at the BBB Scam Tracker.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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