TV reality stars speak to WFISD students about bullying

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Reality TV stars brought their star power to Wichita Falls I.S.D. middle schools Monday to fight bullying.
Five Big Bother stars and a young musician spoke to the students.
Bullies Reality travels all over the United States in an effort to stop bullying in middle and high school.
The stars spoke to the kids about their own experiences being bullied when they were young.
    "In middle school I was bullied growing up," James Huling, from Big Brother 17 & 18 said. "And I had to run home from school. I got beat up all the time. It was like something that was second nature to me. I would just run home when I heard the bell."
Many see these reality TV stars and think they are invincible.
In reality, they all share one thing in common; being bullied growing up.
    "They took it to one point where girls would tease me so bad to where they signed me up online for an eating disorder website," Morgan Willett, from Big Brother Over the Top, said. "And they had books and pamphlets sent to my home, to my parents, teasing me about my weight."
    "People send me death threats," Musician Vivian Hicks said. "And I always get scared because of that. But Bullies Reality helps me."
That is why they spoke to Wichita Falls middle school students about bullying.
Tim Levasseur, C.E.O. of Bullies Reality, was also bullied as a kid.
He said he told himself if he ever made it out, he would dedicate his time to keeping other kids from getting picked on.
    "I think they're making me feel better about what happened to me in the past," Levasseur said. "And, in return, I help them see the future. What they could actually accomplish or what they could actually be."
    "We can end bullying," Huling said. We can do it today. You don't have to bully kids anymore, to say those negative comments. Let's make a change and help the kids out. Love your partners and let's just be a civilization amongst ourselves."
    "Kill them with kindness," Willett said. "There's no room for hurtful words or anything like that. The way we all work together to stop bullying is being kind and working together."
Levasseur said this is also for Lauren Landavazo, who was murdered in Wichita Falls last year, while walking home from school.
He told Newschannel 6 students like Lauren are the reason they do what they do.
Hicks said if you see someone getting bullied, stand up for them.
If you are getting bulled, stand up for yourself.

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