Fire alert issued for Wichita Falls

Fire alert issued for Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- A windy Tuesday forecast has Wichita Falls and much of North Texas in a fire watch for tomorrow afternoon.

There are three main factors that can spark a fire watch; strong winds, warm temperatures and low humidity.

Wichita Falls Fire Chief, Jon Reese said these alerts aren't just for fire fighters.

"If there is a fire around you get out and don't stay around, there's not any property worth a life," said Reese.

Our first alert weather team said winds are expected to blow southwest to west with gusts near 40 mph.

The Bowman fire department said they have everything they need to keep these fires under control if they are to break out.

There only main concern was if there trucks were to get stuck due to the saturated grounds.

Bowman Fire Chief John Strenski said, "The little piece of green that people may see are not going to stop these fires once they are wind driven."

Ways you can help prevent these fires are making sure any bonfire is completely out, don't burn trash, avoid chains dragging off trucks which could cause a spark, and do not throw smoking materials into brush or leaves. FULL LIST CLICK HERE

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