Wildfire Danger

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A Red Flag Warning has fire departments across Texoma on guard and ready to battle the flames if a wildfire breaks out.
The Wichita falls Fire Department said, for them, they treat it like any other day.
Wichita Falls fire officials are not called out to be primary responders to grass fires.
But they often will go and help how they can.
They work with other agencies in surrounding counties to keep the community safe.
    "We will report out to the scene," Tanner Gordy, a Wichita Falls Firefighter said. "We will check in and get a briefing of what's happened and what's the plan. Then we will go from there with whatever their instructions are."
Wildfires are unpredictable.
Even more so when a Red Flag Warning is in effect.
Regardless of the weather, Gordy said they are always ready.
    "It's business as usual," Gordy said. "We are at a constant state of readiness. And you can never guess when the tones are going to drop."
Jon Reese, Wichita Falls Fire Chief, said strong winds make the job harder.
    "Most of the time when we have larger fires, they are wind-driven," Chief Reese said. "And mother nature is doing it's thing. A wind-driven wildfire is just almost impossible to stop."
But Chief Reese said with the recent rain Texoma has seen, his biggest fear is trucks getting stuck.
John Strenski, the Bowman Fire Chief, agrees.
    "With the rains that we've had just within the past week or so, the soil is saturated," Chief Strenski said. "Whereas the fuel load that's on top of the soil is dead and brown for the most part."
Gordy said each fire is different and they will fight them based on the conditions.
    "It all dependent on the factors," Gordy said. "The grade of the terrain, the type of fuel and the wind. Which direction it's going, what it's heading towards. There's no two scenes the same. You have to pretty much take it as you go. You have to see what's going on and adapt and overcome."
The Lakeside City V.F.D. has spent the day checking trucks and packing coolers in case they are called out.
Chief Strenski said the increased risk is not just because of winds, but higher temperatures as well as low humidity.
He adds that everyone should take precautions, such as having a jug of water with you, in case a fire breaks out.

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