Wildfires can help wildlife

Wildfires can help wildlife

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- Much of North Texas, including Wichita Falls was part of a red flag warning due to weather conditions that could spark wildfires.

While some can be very destructive and destroy acres of land and wild life.

Wild fires actually help prairies thrive here in Texas.

They help recycle nurturance into the ground, get rid of old vegetation and is essentially one Mother Nature's ways of maintaining the land.

I spoke with Jennica Lambert on how the animals adapt to these fires.

"Just like me and you can sense when it's going on, they can smell it there are certain environmental indications to let them know what's going on and they can flee," said Lambert.

Some of the animals that you might see here in Wichita Falls are prairie dogs, quail, or coyotes.

It is very important to remember that these fires are natural and not to be started by human.

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