Support for school choice and school vouchers is growing in Texas

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Support for school choice in Texas is growing. Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have spoken out in favor of school choice and school vouchers.

Although the issue has not had much luck in the past, both Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick showed their support during a march in Austin for National School Choice Week.

In the past, the Texas Senate has approved vouchers, that would five families state money to help pay for private or religious school, only to have them die in the State House.

"When you give a child a great education, you open up the American Dream for them," Lt. Gov. Patrick said.

Both want students, regardless of their financial situation, to have the choice to attend private schools.

"This is not a republican issue. It's not a democrat issue. This is a civil rights issue," Gov. Abbott said.

Texoma State House Representative, James Frank, sees the possible benefits.

"There is a lot of discussions, and I think rightfully so, on allowing parents as much choice as possible as it relates to where their kids go and make sure they're in the place that fits them the best," Frank said.

Opposition for past voucher legislation comes from lower chamber democrats and rural republicans who are fearful of hurting schools in smaller communities.

Rick Teran, Superintendent of Childress I.S.D. is against the potential move.

"I don't believe in the voucher system. I think our legislature are messing with something that is going to impact public education for a long time to come," Teran said.

We reached out to local private schools and Wichita Falls I.S.D. about the large rally in Austin. Those we spoke with did not want to comment until they had more details on the possible future legislation.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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