Fountains Flowing with Water Again

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -The drought in 2011 left the Wichita Falls city fountains parched.

Now about two years after the water restrictions were lifted the City of Wichita Falls Park Board is discussing turning these fountains back on. Fountains left depleted and cracked for about six years.

Director of Parks and recreation, Jack Murphy said bringing these fountains back to life will be a topic in their board meeting Thursday. He said it is a lot more than just flipping a simple switch.

"I think fountains get a lot of visibility. A good bang for the buck, but there is a buck spent on and that's what we will be discussing," Murphy said.

Money will have to be spent replacing pumps, filing cracking and fixing electrical issues that have gone out during the six year fountain dry spell. Murphy said he expects it to cost a few thousand dollars.

There are five fountains throughout the city that were shut off during the drought, one at Memorial Auditorium, Kessler Street, Bridwell Park, the entrance to Tanglewood, and the corner of Harrison at Speedway.

Other fountains that were part of bodies of water were left on during the drought and continue to run at this time.

The city needs the support of these neighborhoods to have water flowing through the pipes once again. If there is an appreciation for the fountains Murphy said the board will work it into the budget. The water restrictions were lifted more than a year ago, and he says now is the time.

"Anything with water seems to bring things to life and ponds and fountains are something in particular as you get more in the west it's more appreciated," Murphy said.

The budget will be a concern because in the past five years while the fountains were left barren they have used that money on park landscape and trail maintenance.

"It's important that we're addressing it to see how the fountains fit into the beautification of our city and how we can increase the pride in our community by having these points of beauty," Murphy said.

Carly Smith, Newschannel 6

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