Sheriff who Texas governor wants out slams immigrant 'fear'

Sheriff who Texas governor wants out slams immigrant 'fear'

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A Texas sheriff under fire from Republican Gov. Greg Abbott over so-called "sanctuary cities" policies says streets are safer when people can report crimes "without fear of deportation."

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez on Thursday fired back for the first time since the governor vowed this week to cut off some state funding and change laws to remove her from office.

The conflict started after Hernandez, an elected Democrat, said she would no longer comply with all federal immigration detainers in Austin jails.

She pointedly made the announcement hours after President Donald Trump was sworn into office. Trump this week moved to cut off money to local governments that don't fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Hernandez says she won't let "fear and misinformation" dictate her job.

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