Elementary school suffers vandalism

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Wichita Falls elementary school cleans up after finding their playground covered in paint.

"We came to school and there were some pretty nasty words," said Cunningham assistant principal, Gena Ayers.

She is in shock.

"Images drawn all over the playground equipment in red spray paint," said Ayers.

Maintenance acting quickly to clean up red paint before students can see.

"It was on the building," said Ayers.  "It was on the sidewalk, on the steps, it was on the basketball court about 18 to 20 different things that were spray painted on our equipment."

Then she reached out on Facebook.

"I know that Cunningham is a very close knit community and a family and I know that we've got lots of awesome neighbors and people around watch out for the school," said Ayers.

She hopes for answers.

"If someone were to come and vandalize your house, you would be upset," said Ayers.  "A lot of us spend a lot of our time up here you know away from our own family so it is like a second home to us so we do take it personally."

Ironically, Kindness is the lesson taught this week.

"It's really sad that people think it's fun or cool to go and vandalize a school when we're just really trying to encourage kindness and embrace each others differences.  You have to use these as life lessons to teach them the difference between right and wrong and that is one of our main goals in elementary is to teach them the difference between right and wrong."

Ayers said it has been difficult to catch who could be doing this to their school, but is hopeful that with the increase of more police in the area, that will change.