Teachers spend Saturday learning at first Ed Camp in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Classes were in session Saturday for teachers in Texoma.

Organizers put together the first Ed Camp for educators with Region 9.

The professional development seminar is for teachers who are being taught by their fellow teachers.

Lexi Law, a 5th-grade science teacher at Ben Franklin Elementary, went to an Ed Camp in Dallas and knew after leaving, it was something she wanted to

bring home to teachers in our classrooms.

"They're the ones who want to make a big difference. They're the ones who stay up late at night making lessons for their school babies. They're here now sharing all those ideas," Law said.

145 teachers signed up for the day of learning. 36 sessions covered a range of topics including technology in the classroom.

Law said she hopes following this Ed Camp, more teachers will be inspired to attend the next one.

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