Y Minute: Swimming and Water Safety Lessons

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The calendar may still be showing winter but spring and summer are months away.

Soon pools and lakes around Texoma will be filling up but to enjoy the water to the fullest as a family this year, everyone needs to know how to swim.

"Most of the time what I teach is water safety. Swimming yes, but what if you're pushed into the water. What are you going to do?" said Camille Moody, a swimming instructor at the YMCA.

Camille Moody has been teaching swimming lessons and water safety for around 30 years, the last ten at the YMCA.

"I teach treading water and I teach floating but I teach swimming before I teach them that. It's more important they know how to swim and get out of a situation than how to tread water and wait for somebody," Moody said.

Moody says the summer months are the busiest and some days she's teaching swimming lessons from ten in the morning to eight at night.

Moody doesn't mind the long hours.

"I love the kids, I like their energy and their excitement for life. The kids are just fun. Every kid is fun," said Moody.

The YMCA offers individual and group swimming lessons and Moody says the ages of four to six are the best ages to start these lessons.

"Less wanting to be around mom and dad, they've started preschool so because they've started preschool they're more independent," said Moody.

To contact the YMCA about prices and schedules for swimming lessons, you can contact them at (940) 322-7816.

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