MSU student organization brings Muslim community together

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - An Islamic Midwestern State University student is speaking out about President Donald Trump's ban on refugees and travel restrictions to Muslim-majority nations.

Abullah Al Maruf said being Muslim makes him fear he will be heavily checked coming in and out of the country.

He said although he is from Bangladesh, he feels for his Muslim friends who are from countries on the immigration ban list.

"I personally might not be affected, but I feel like I have the responsibility to protest it and to make sure that they don't feel out of place," said Maruf.

Maruf said he wants those friends who practice his faith to know they should not be afraid, and people around them feel their sorrow and their hope.

That is why he founded the Cynosure for Understanding of Islam and Comparative Religion at MSU a year ago, to designate a place where Muslim students can come together, pray, learn how to answer questions others may have about the Islamic faith and talk about issues.

"Some of my Muslim friends told me they tend to get looked down upon in situations, especially because of their appearance and also their etiquette," said Maruf.

He said the organization hopes to explain what Islam is, clear up some misconceptions and show the common ground between Islam and other religions.

He tells us with everything that is going on, his mom worries about his safety, especially because he helps runs the organization.

However, Maruf said no matter the risk, he knows this is important for him to do.

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